Project #7: Predator Prey Simulation


  1. Learn to interact and interpret a biological model.
    1. What does the birth rate [B] mean for the rabbit population?
    2. What does the death rate [D] mean for the fox population?
    3. What is the best population of foxes for a given starting population of rabbits?
    4. What is the effect on the balance of rabbit and foxes populations by changing the interaction coefficient?

  2. See an example of a user friendly program [model].
  3. Learn to import a graphics created in a DOS application [program] into a word processor.

Goal 1A : Introduction to the Simulation Model

Goal 1B : Exponential Population Growth

Goal 1C : Finding the Best Number of Foxes for a Given Number of Rabbits:

Goal 1D : A Different Interconnection Parameter:

Goal 1E : Another interaction parameter

Goal 2 : How does the best number of foxes change as you change the interaction coefficient?

Extra Credit :

Goal 3: Another Conclusion : Is the Model Linear?

Goal 4 : Report

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